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MacLean Surveying provides land surveying services throughout Cape Breton Island. Some of the services we provide include:

      Plot Plans - a general survey of your lands showing the location where a future building/fence/septic system could be situated. These are typically used in acquiring a building permit
      Easements - an agreement between parties to use a portion of property for a specific use. (Ex. Nova Scotia Power requires these when installing new poles)
      Boundary Surveys - a survey of property boundaries showing the land owners exactly where the limits of their properties are
      Topographic Surveys - a survey of a property identifing all features on the lands, as well as showing contoured elevations used in the planning stages of a piece of property
      Location Certificates - a general survey of lands showing a new or existing building/fence/septic system and their locations on the property
      Right of Ways - an agreement between parties to use a specific portion of lands, typically used for driveways
      Subdivisions - Breaking up properties into 2 or more parcels for the purposes of sale or development
      Construction - providing layout and elevations to site contractors and developers
      Legal Descriptions - describing the extents of a property for legal purposes, used during the migration process



Whether it is a Location Certificate required by a mortgage company, a Boundary Survey to establish exactly where your actual property boundary lines are, or just a simple consultation answering any land related questions that you might have, MacLean Surveying is dedicated to helping you find solutions to your land issues and providing reliable, quality service along the way.

With our highly skilled team of employees, MacLean Surveying can provide quality land surveying services on any size project. Feel free to contact us any time with your questions and we will do our best to help you out.


Established in 2014, MacLean Surveying is Cape Breton's newest company providing land surveying services in the local area. The young, energetic staff is highly trained in the newest surveying equipment and software programs to complete your project on time. 

MacLean Surveying employees are committed to staying on the leading edge of any new developments in the land surveying industry during the short term and long term future, as they are a company that thrives on sustainability.

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